Salcombe Art Gallery

The Ginnel Gallery at South Sands is sits at South Sands beach overlooking the Salcombe estuary. Easily accessible from Salcombe town centre via the South Sands Ferry or by foot along the coast road.

If you like walking we are surrounded by stunning coast paths and you can pick one of several walks starting with or containing South Sands. They range from different abilities and lengths. For a list of walk please see this helpful guide from South Sands Hotel >

Being attached to South Sands hotel and restaurant it is the perfect place to take a break after enjoying our gallery. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily and you can take advantage of a spectacular afternoon tea. The restaurant has achieved two rosettes from the Michelin guide. The food is sourced locally and the upmost care is taken in preparing new exciting dishes. Planning a visit to one of our exhibitions around lunch time would be a great day trip. Find out more about South Sands >

The stunning Overbecks National Trust property is just up the road and can be incorporated into a great walk from South Sands.

We are a dog friendly gallery and so is the hotel. South Sands beach is closed to dogs from May to the end of September but all of the coastal paths are accessible all year round. South Sands beac is sandy and quite large when the tide is out. The summer months it is a beautiful place to relax and in the winter months it changes daily. From crashing waves breaking on the rocks to gentle lapping waves on the sand. A site not to be missed is a crisp frost on the sand with a dramatic sunny winter sky. When the sea fog roles in it becomes particularly dramatic. Sitting back in the restaurant and watching the ever changing scenery is the best piece of art we have.

Parking is available for guests of South Sands, access is granted at the gate via telecom.