Val Uglow

Val Uglow – Contemporary artist

I studied in London and taught in some vibrant and innovative art departments , specialising in textile design.

Now I concentrate solely on my work , painting in my studio in the South Hams, where I strive to convey the essence of what actually excites me to paint.

The making of marks, scraping back , then adding more marks build up a multi layered rich texture that describes a passage of time. This is relevant to my  re -occuring subjects of the meeting of sea onto rocks  and in the aged surfaces , niches and windows of old buildings which have many layers of paint and and mosses and lichens.

I often make my own paints from pure pigments with various binders to make oil and acrylic paint and sometimes incorporate additional materials such as  iron , copper , and bees wax in order to enhance and enrich my work.


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