Julie Dunster

Have you ever had a moment when you simply have to pause to admire the view, revel in the atmosphere, feel glad that you are alive? Living in Devon it’s easy to be inspired by the countryside, coast and sky. Pressing life’s pause button is what painting does for me. It is born from those moments.

Many of my oil paintings are either created ‘en plein air’ on location, driven by the urgency of catching the light and the impression of a place, or created in my Mid Devon studio, where these impressions are distilled into slower paintings, created by layers, glazes and scumbles. I often feel I am simply channeling a creative energy that has always existed in the landscape onto canvas.

When painting, I step out of time, and I am delighted if you get even a fraction of that feeling when looking at my artwork.


Website: www.juliedunsterartist.com      

Instagram @pressinglifespausebutton



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