Clementine Swift

I am an artist based between London, Kent and Devon and I’m inspired by boats from coastal towns in the UK and from around the world.

All my hand printed silkscreen prints are limited editions of 25 and are produced in a members studio at Print Club London, in Dalston. 

Each print starts life as a photograph, before digital abstraction where I split the image into a number of colour layers, which are then made into positives which are exposed onto a silk screen using a light sensitive emulsion, forming a stencil. The inks are then screen printed through onto the paper.

I spent a lot of my childhood in Salcombe worked here in my summers off whilst studying Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University. Salcombe is where my love for boats, sailing and all things nautical began; I’m drawn in by the rustic charm and the weathered hulls – every boat has it’s own story to tell! I utilise the abstraction and bold colour pallet to capture the unique beauty and story of each boat. 

i: @clementine_swift_artist


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