Becci Hey

Becci Hey presents a series of photographs depicting the unique colours and light found in the winter seascapes of Salcombe.

Exploring new horizons of abstract impressionism in photography, she creates images that not only show the different range of colours but also show how the ocean and the sky change and develop with the weather that Mother Nature delivers.

Since graduating from West Surrey College of Art and Design (WSCAD), Farnham in the early ‘80’s,  Becci became a Design and Technology Teacher, specialising in special needs education. In 2017 she returned to live in her childhood home of Salcombe, South Devon.

“Looking through a lens transports me in to another world, one where I can observe patterns, shapes, detail and colour in both natural and man-made objects.  I find so much inspiration and solace being by the sea and this is reflected in my work. I strive to be different and if there are any rules I probably break them, but taking photographs is a real joy for me and something that I am totally passionate about”


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