Ginnel Gallery -Art Gallery in Salcombe, South Sands

Salcombe, has a long tradition of shipbuilding. Today it is a centre for sailing, boating and tourism, but retains its small commercial fishing community. From a small resident ‘out of season’ population, during the holiday seasons the town is transformed into a vibrant, cosmopolitan holiday port.

South Sands, just south of the town of Salcombe, overlooks the entrance to Salcombe Harbour and beyond to the Kingsbridge Estuary. The Ginnel Gallery displays art in the setting of the busy beachside South Sands Hotel. The gallery uses public areas in the hotel (foyer, bar lounge, restaurant etc), hotel rooms and also a small walk-through gallery space in an entrance corridor, which can be accessed directly from the public road.

As a place of hospitality, a hotel is both embedded in a community and also a place of transient meetings, a location of passage. The gallery offers artists an active involvement in that space.

“the sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.” Joseph Conrad, The Mirror of the Sea (1906)